'Nothing beats kindness,' said the horse. 'It sits quietly beyond all things.'
- Charlie Mackesy

Nhi Phạm


Nhi is an education professional and a mindfulness teacher from Vietnam. She holds an M.A in Education and passionately engaged into secular mindfulness in mainstream since 2016. This includes her involvement in the ground-breaking mindfulness for education projects in her home country. Her special interest is exploring evidence-based mindfulness as a safe and cost-effective alternate approach to mental health resilience and ‘daily wellbeing maintenance’ for all. In 2021, after experiencing how mindfulness practices supported her resilience and wellbeing on the face of a health crisis during COVID-19, she was inspired to make mindfulness skills reachable to her family, friends, and wider community.

Nhi is the founder Presilenz – a cohort of mindfulness teachers who commit to teach with care and integrity. For her, engaging in this work is a direct expression of love for what she deeply values in life.


2020, M.A.Ed

  • Majors: Mentoring in education & Psychology in schools
  • Grade: First class honours
  • Research essay: Mindful Self-Compassion as stress coping strategy for schoolteachers
  • Graduation thesis: Inclusive Education Practices in a mainstream school in Hue, Vietnam

2022, Stage 5 Mindfulness Teacher (teaching under supervision)

  • Trained to teach two curricula:
    • Mindfulness for Life (Mbct_L) for general population
    • Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Finding Peace) tailored for workplace

2023, Certified trauma-sensitive mindfulness practitioner

2023, Trained to teach .b (dot be) Mindfulness Curriculum for age group 11-18 years old in school settings

2016, One-year training on Mindfulness-based Compassion and Happiness


2013 – present, Education Advisor, Landon Carter Schmitt Memorial Fund (US)

Implementing the comprehensive Educational Program at Quang Tri School for Children with Disabilities. 

2016 – 2018, Core Team Member

Implementing Mindfulness-based Social Emotional Learning within the youth leadership program for university students

2017 – 2019, Collaborator of ‘Happy School’ Project

Piloting Mindfulness-based Social Emotional Learning 9 public schools from primary to high school in Hue

2003 – 2015, Different positions with organisations addressing the legacies of war

Working with both national and international non-government organisations mine action and Agent Orange issues in Vietnam


2019-2020 Irish Aid Scholar

Government of Ireland Scholarship Program awarded to the distinguished professionals from developing countries to pursue Masters study at Irish higher education institutions.